Types of Recruiting Services:

1. Direct hire
2. Contract (temp labor)
3. Contract to hire

Summary of Fee & Terms (Direct Hire Only):

1. Direct hire fees – 15% discount of our standard rate
2. Payment terms – NET 30
3. Guarantee Period – 30 days
4. Guarantee Clause – 1 replacement at no additional cost
5. Assistance with Franchisor’s onboarding best practices, including background checks, drug tests, etc.

Summary of Fee & Terms (Contact Hire Only):

1. 100% Risk & Liability of all temp
2. Weekly Payroll for all temps
3. Full blown employee benefits for all temps
4. Payment terms – NET 45 days
5. Markup driven or Bill rate driven – flexibility
6. Option to pay with Credit Card
7. Paper check, Direct Deposit & Pay-card Option for all temps
8. Comply with Franchisor’s standards


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