About Zoomin Groomin

Nature Friendly.

Zoomin Groomin is start-to-finish dog grooming.  This means that your Zoomin pet groomer is with your dog from beginning to end – through the entire process.  NO CAGES are involved and our dog grooming process is a quick, ECO-friendly way to have your pet cleaned. The amount of time it takes for your dog to be groomed is when they are returned to you.  All of the pet grooming is done with personal attention so your pet is comfortable.  The Zoomin cleansing process uses organic Pure Oxygen Ultra Pet Shampoo, and we deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt, hair, and other debris, leaving a clean glossy coat. Pets feel like they are being massaged, and we remove all of the excess water, dirt, hair and other debris trapped in the pets coat. Stress free grooming for your dog.

Business Features 

The Zoomin Groomin business model contains many appealing characteristics for a franchise candidate. These include: 

Low Capital Investment. Zoomin Groomin business owners are not burdened with excessive investment costs (initial investment is ~$50,000) 

Zoomin Groomin Virtual Call Center. No missed calls, effective use of your time promoting your business. 

Limited Inventory. Preferred pricing from National Venders and Partners 

No Location Lease to Sign. Home Based business to lower operating costs. Allows franchisees to mitigate risk while beginning a new business 

Excellent Business Hours. Zoomin Groomin business owners work their own hours to meet their customer needs 

Low Labor Model. One staff person working hourly – no salary and insurance costs. 

Training and Support. Excellent training and ongoing support at the ZOOMIN GROOMIN corporate office provides comprehensive training covering business, sales and marketing strategies, recruitment for staff, and all of the administrative functions needed to operate a Zoomin Groomin Franchise 

Regional Franchisee Opportunity. As an Area Representative or /Regional Franchise Partner, you have the opportunity to operate a mobile pet grooming business that offers a quick ROI, strong cash flow and long-term capital appreciation in an industry that is recession resistant in a market that is expanding rapidly. 

Zoomin Groomin Pet Grooming Franchise
Function of the Owner and Daily Tasks The daily responsibilities are involved in marketing, customer service and understanding both owners and dog behavior. You will know nutrition, grooming and related topics, and the nuts and bolts of the pet industry.

Desired Background of Prospects and Ideal Candidate
An individual who loves pet and has interest in a Pet related business. Candidates should want to work for themselves in their own business and have a desire to market their services. They should become more involved in the community to enhance the brand recognition. Zoomin Groomin is a fast-paced, exciting business concept with cutting-edge programs comprising unique, proprietary rinse systems to carry out efficient and timely services to their customers. Zoomin Groomin offers quality training in their methods to people of all adult groups, genders, and skill levels. There is not a requirement to be a professional Groomer.

● Motivated, goal-oriented individuals
● Desire to succeed and make a difference in their community
● Management background a plus
● Marketing and Service experience a plus
● Interested in Single or Multi-Unit Opportunities

Franchise Referrals:

Single & Multi-Unit Referrals:

$3,000 for new referrals that pay full in CASH or

$1,500 for new referrals that FINANCE

Area Representative Referrals:

$5,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that pay full in CASH

$3,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that FINANCE

● Low Cost Start-up
● State-of- the- Art Advertising & Marketing Programs
● Can be semi-absentee (keep their job)
● Low Overhead
● Mitigated Risk
● Encouraging High referrals from their customer base
● High Repeat business
● Strong Validation
● Awarding training programs
● World class franchise support
● Third party financing
● Multiple revenue sources
● Private label product line
● Public relations support
● Customer Lead generation program
● Outline of community service programs
● Centralized appointment, call center and financial accounting services

Zoomin Groomin