About Loyalty Business Brokers

Experts Connecting Buyers And Sellers

Loyalty Business Brokers was created in response to the need for a conduit between small business buyers and sellers. All too often a small business owner is willing to stop operation of their business as they age or are simply burned out.

“Loyalty Business Brokers has a mission to help people get equity out of their business instead of seeing them just walk away,” states Hewitt. “In many instances the children of the business owner are not interested in taking over. When that happens, or for any reason, many small business owners don’t know there is an option for finding a buyer,” states Hewitt.

This is where Loyalty Business Brokers steps in. Our business brokers are ready and able to assess the sales potential and offer a comprehensive plan for getting a business sold. The great value is that potential sellers are given a complete business valuation at no charge and without obligation. This is one of the many ways that Loyalty Business Brokers is deemed a community first business. As with all the Loyalty Brands we believe in paying it forward in the communities we service.

Client Referrals

Earn up to $15,000 for any new referrals that result in a business sold or purchased!

*at participating Loyalty Business Broker locations

Franchise Referrals:

Single & Multi-Unit Referrals:

$3,000 for new referrals that pay full in CASH or

$1,500 for new referrals that FINANCE

Area Representative Referrals:

$5,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that pay full in CASH

$3,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that FINANCE

  • Low Initial Investment
  • No Prior Experience
  • Highly Expandable 
  • Few or No Employees
  • No Inventory
  • Complete Training & Support
  • No Geographic Limitations
  • Highly Expandable & Scalable
  • B2B Only
  • Daytime & Weekday Hours
  • Additional Income Sources
  • Only 4,000 Business Brokers in the U.S.
  • Build Your Asset Through Hiring Agents
  • We are the only Business Broker that is a “one-stop-shop” supported by our sister brands in Staffing, Tax, Insurance, Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, and Property Inspections

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