About Little Medical School

Inspiring Health Awareness Through Education.

Little Medical School® (LMS) is the only franchise that focuses on providing children with hands-on interactive activities that promote careers in healthcare. LMS franchises receive a protected territory and access to all of the LMS curriculum. 

Little Medical School® is the pioneer and leading developer of hands-on interactive programs for children with a focus on healthcare. We offer more than 350 hours of unique youth-appropriate programs. LMS uses real medical  instruments and educational role-play to inspire the next generation of healthcare heroes. 

LMS STEM-based curriculum for children ages 4-16, focuses on after-school programs, summer camps, preschool activities, birthday parties, and corporate initiatives…While offering franchisees numerous streams of revenue to grow and scale their business. LMS’s unique approach helps children explore the benefits of careers in healthcare while educating and entertaining them simultaneously.

Client Referrals:

$20 when referring a new client to Little Medical School that takes one of our classes and the new client will receive 10% OFF their registration

$50 when you refer a new school or venue and they run a program

Franchise Referrals:

Single & Multi-Unit Referrals:

$3,000 for new referrals that pay full in CASH or

$1,500 for new referrals that FINANCE

Area Representative Referrals:

$5,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that pay full in CASH

$3,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that FINANCE

  • No Experience Required
  • Community Focused 
  • Training & Curriculum Provided
  • Home-Based Business
  • Low Overhead
  • Continued Support

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