About Ledgers

We Take The Stress Out Of Running Your Business.

Ledgers® offers tax, payroll, compliance, and business advisory services to small businesses and individuals desiring a full-service provider through its franchised firms in various locations. Ledgers® will be there to support small businesses from the beginning to the end. Ledgers® has the tools and knowledge to make small business ownership a stress-free experience. Ledgers® trained consultants will guide and educate you on all tax and accounting needs.

Over 25 million small businesses in the United States need accounting and tax services. Ledgers® provides an option for small businesses to have a partner to take care of all their tax compliance and accounting needs. The benefit of having a dedicated tax advisor in your local community is essential to small business owners when it comes to growing their business while watching their expenses and bottom line.

At Ledgers, you’ll have the opportunity to build a business on your own terms! Partnering with Ledgers and the Ledgers national brand you’ll be able to work when and where you choose, with the ability to make your business your own. You can build your local brand through flexible policies that support your growth. And most importantly: you won’t have to do it alone when you partner with Ledgers.

  • Tax & Accounting Support: With our guidance, including field support, you can focus on running your firm and supporting your clients, rather than constantly following IRS updates. 

  • Modern Technology: You’ll have access to a robust system while optimizing your firm and providing excellent customer support through innovative software!

  • Marketing Services: Our comprehensive marketing package includes national advertising, social media management options, beautifully designed collateral available for order, a modern website, and SEO services through our partnership with CPA Site Solutions.  

Becoming a partner with Ledgers® is all about being part of something bigger. Having access to our dedicated support team will enhance your operations and add credibility. Our approach is all about providing value for your potential clients, not just products. 

Client Referrals:

Tax Return Client – Receive up to $50 for new tax return customer referrals who complete a return with Ledgers

Accounting Client – Receive up to $250 for new Ledgers accounting clients

Franchise Referrals:

Single & Multi-Unit Referrals:

Up to $3,000 for new referrals that pay full in CASH or

Up to $1,500 for new referrals that FINANCE

Area Representative Referrals:

Up to $5,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that pay full in CASH

Up to $3,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps that FINANCE

*Terms and Conditions

We pay anyone (a “Referral Payment”) who introduces a new qualified candidate to us who (i) purchases a unit or area representative franchised business from a franchisor offered by us; and (ii) pays in full the initial fees published in Item 5 (the “Initial Fee”) of the franchisor’s franchise disclosure document (“FDD”) (collectively, a “Qualified Candidate”). Anyone is eligible to promote and utilize this program; however, you must follow our rules when you submit a candidate to us and follow our terms and conditions to be eligible for payment. The Referral Payment is subject to our terms and conditions for Eligibility, Calculation, and Timing. Further, we retain the right to terminate this program at any time without notice to you and this program is void where prohibited by law. 

Eligibility: To be eligible for a Referral Payment, you must submit all required information on the Qualified Candidate to us in writing through online submission on the Get Paid by Loyalty Brands website (available at:  https://getpaidbyloyaltybrands.com/send-referral/ ). We do not pay any Referral Payment related to any candidate previously known by us. We are the sole determiner of whether a candidate was previously known by us. You must retain any confirmation provided by us and provide to us upon our reasonable request. Affiliate Conditions apply to our business partners, current franchisees, franchise brokers, employees, their spouses, and others associated with us or the participating franchisors (collectively, “Affiliates”).

Calculation: Your earnings potential is unlimited; however, the maximum amount for a single unit referral is $3,000 and the maximum amount for an area representative referral is $5,000 (each a “Maximum”). The total amount of any Referral Payment will not exceed $5,000 for a single Qualified Candidate. The Maximum will be paid by us to you when a Qualified Candidate pays us or our affiliate the full amount of the Initial Fee(s) in cash at the time they execute a franchise agreement.  

The Maximum will not be paid if any portion of the Initial Fee is borrowed (“Financed”) or the Initial Fee is Reduced (“Discounted”). The Initial Fee may be Financed or Discounted in our, or our affiliates, sole discretion. If any portion of the Initial Fee is Financed, the Maximum will be reduced to $1,500 for a single unit referral and $3,000 for an area representative referral. If the Initial Fee is Discounted, the Referral Payment will be reduced proportionately with the discounted amount. If collection of the Initial Fee is waived entirely, there will be no Referral Payment.  

Timing: No Referral Payment will be paid by us to you unless and until the Qualified Candidate referred by you to us has actually paid the Initial Fee. There is no guarantee that the Initial Fee will be paid. You will not be paid if the Initial Fee is not paid in full.

Affiliate Conditions: Referral Payments are not paid to Affiliates who, directly or indirectly, receive a commission or fee through any other agreement with us. For instance, you will not receive a Referral Payment if you refer a candidate to us as a franchise broker or sales employee. Likewise, you will not receive a Referral Payment as an area representative franchisee for referring a candidate to purchase a franchise in your area representative territory.

  • Low Investment
  • Web-Based Systems from Accounting to Tax
  • B2B & B2C Components
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Strong Brand Recognition
  • Personalized Website
  • In-Bound Marketing

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