JOMSOM Staffing Services is a full-service staffing company that takes the pressure off clients and their human resources departments so they can focus on the long-range picture.​

The Jomsom Program takes the pressure off franchisees by providing a Full Set of Services to our Loyalty Brands Partners with heavily discounted pricing. We support all of our Loyalty Brands Partners nationwide.

Our menu of services allows you to customize a package that suits your specific business needs. This eliminates the need to have your own internal systems and frees you up to focus on your business.

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FranFunnel was voted #1 franchise technology by It’s a sales tool that enables franchisees to connect with more customers. FranFunnel fires out a personalized text message and email whenever someone expresses interest in your product/service. Franchisees (or their sales reps) get access to a user-friendly dashboard and mobile app so they can reply to texts and schedule appointments with just a few clicks. FranFunnel will increase your contact rates and top-line revenue, while saving you time and effort (less phone calls and emails).

Special Offer

Special offer for Loyalty Brand Franchisees, 75% off our monthly subscription!  No set up fees, no additional fees, unlimited text messaging and unlimited support.  

To see FranFunnel in action and schedule a time to learn more: contact our Franchisee Sales Specialist Heather Carroll at 732-245-0563

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