My Final Thoughts

The My Final Thoughts Process


My Final Thoughts was developed to fill a pressing need facing over 95% of American families. 10 questions all with specific information to help develop an easy to use final event process for loved ones. It also has a legacy component for an individual to leave behind their most precious thoughts which live forever.

Our simple process provides exceptional emotional and financial value for loved ones just when they need it most. Consider all the planning time that goes into a Wedding, Anniversary, even a surprise birthday party. Each of these have 30 day to one year or more planning involved. Yet, at the death of a loved one there is approximately 72 hours to plan for funeral of that loved one.

Through a simple questionnaire we  document the complete plan for the last event a loved is part of. This planning process saves time, money and most importantly allows loved ones to grieve without worry and the stress of planning the funeral for their loved one.

Plan now and pay later for the benefit of locking in all financial and emotional decisions for your loved ones to follow.


10 Question Planning:

Finished Plan fully provided by My Final Thoughts (PDY electronic version)

All fulfillment completed by My Final Thoughts

Questionnaire to be completed by participating organization of My Final Thoughts depending upon agreed process.



$295 full cost

$145 to My Final Thoughts for fulfillment

$150 to the participating organization which they can discount, keep or waive totally, the decision is for the organization.

Upon our approvals we will provide the organization with the 10 questions and a fully completed sample plan. (these are subject to a full non-disclosure agreement) Our completed agreement would serve as such.



My Final Thoughts provides all materials and content, and complete fulfillment of the process

Legacy Brands provides the referral network and full compliance expectations with their network and My Final Thoughts.


Contact Information:

Karl Schilling  My Final Thoughts, LLC

Managing Partner



MyDoctorPlan / AutoClub

Two Excellent Programs to Sell
Loyalty Brands Employees and Franchisees will also have access to these programs. Both Franchises offer a network of bi-lingual representatives and doctors.

We are ready to help. We offer 24/7 access to certified doctors via phone or video consultation.

MyDoctorPlan (Retail $149.99/yr or $14.99/mos.)

Sales Commision to Franchisee: $74.99/yr Subscription Sale or $7.49/mos Subscription Sale


-Members have 24 hours/ 365 days on demand medical access

-Members have $0 Consultation Fee

-Members have Coverage of entire household, two years and older

-14 Day Money Back Guarantee

-15-60% Off Retail Price of Generic Drug Prices

-10-25% Off Retail Price of Brand Name Drugs

-68,000 participating Pharmacies

-Conditions Treated Include but not Limited To: Allergies, Bronchitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Ear infections, Fever, Sore throat, Joint Aches and Pains, Skin Inflammation, and many more!

-Members can speak to a licensed physician via web, video chat or by phone

-Avoid waiting in line at the doctor’s offi­ce and enjoy the convenience of seeing doctors on demand

-Average wait time of less than 5 minutes


Selling Topics:

-Americans spend over $3 Trillion in Healthcare Expenses

-Designed to eliminate unnecessary Doctor’s Office Visits

-Save Time and Money by catering to the ENTIRE FAMILY for $14.99/mos

-STOP the spread of viruses w/in a Doctor’s Office

-Not intended to be or replace a Health Insurance Plan

-Not the same as TeleHealth


Contact Information:

Primary Contact: Amanda Easterwood:

Additional Contact: Spencer Slade:


Link to Website for Retail Registration:

Link to Website for Employee Rate:



Roadside Assistance. 

Auto Club (Retail $69.99/yr)


-Sales Commission to Franchisee: 70% or $48.99

-Auto Club is a Reimbursement Program

-Member’s Choice of Road Service

-$85 Reimbursement for Towing (3 Tows per year)

-$85 Vehicle Lockout

-$15 Flat Tire or Batter Charge

-Additional Reimbursements include Wrecker Service, Service Call by Garage or Mechanic

-Stolen Car Reward: up to $2500 Reward to the person responding to Law Enforcement Officials that lead to a direct arrest

-$150 Traffic Court Defense

Additional Discounts:

Prescription Drugs, Emergency Travel, Travel, Rental Car, and many more!


Contact Information:

Primary Contact: Lisa Poe:

Additional Contact: Spencer Slade:


Link to Website for Retail Registration:

Link to Website for Employee Rate:





Important to Remember: Auto Club is NOT a CALL CENTER. Auto Club Member uses Roadside Service of their choice.

-Sales Commission only applicable if Franchisee is selling program to end consumer

-Loyalty Brands Employees and Franchisees Pay Retail Price if they choose to Register and Use the Program






Jomsom Staffing Services

Uniting Talent With Opportunity

JOMSOM is a staffing franchise opportunity that offers a range of staffing solutions to its clients through our franchise partner network.

Jomsom provides full-time and part-time resources to businesses of all sizes and individuals on a temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent placement basis. Jomsom also provides outsourced recruitment services to businesses of all sizes.

A Jomsom Franchise is a scalable professional service, business-to-business opportunity in one of the top ten fastest growing industries in the U.S with a tremendous potential of growth driven by sales.

Our goal is to make your Jomsom Franchise a Success. Our proven business model and a unique system will leverage your skillset as a business owner and help you stay focused on what’s important, while we do the rest.

We believe we have a business model that can give everyone, from franchise owners to employers and job seekers, what they want: choice, flexibility, and efficiency.

We believe, people are the driving force behind Jomsom Staffing. Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our Clients, our Candidates and our Franchise Partners and be able to meet everybody’s requirements in the highest quality manner. Our goal is to become an asset to local employers and job seekers nationally as we “Partner for Success”.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! We want this year to be our best year ever.

For more information, download the following documents:

Referral Program Details
Franchise Referrals:

Single & Multi-Unit Referrals:
$3,000 for new referrals that pay in full CASH or
$1,500 for new referrals that FINANCE
Area Representative Referrals:
$5,000 for new referrals who become Area Reps

Staffing Referrals:

Refer a Company (Employer):
Local Businesses – $250 for new Staffing Clients that conduct business with Jomsom.
National Businesses – Ex: Fortune 5000 Referral will be customized & discussed.
Refer an Associate (Job Seeker):
$50 for new employees that work for Jomsom at least 30 days.

Competitive Advantages
  1. Large and vital market in a changing employment landscape
  • Recession-resistant business model
  • Low start-up investment
  • State of the art based Technologies
  • Great franchisor support including shared inventories and relationships
  • Ongoing Support (operational, sales, recruitment, marketing, back-office)
  • Access to Corporate clients (national clients)
  • Access to Operational Manuals, Procedures and other business materials
  • Numerous Competitive Advantages
  • Scalable Model (Easy to Replicate, Easy to Operate Under JOMSOM Guidelines)
  • Quick Build-Out & Start-Up
  • Hands On, Detail-Oriented Training Program
  • Targeted Marketing Program and Promotional Assistance
  • Attractive Fully Protected Territories
  • Highly Motivated Franchisor
  • Centralized Recruitment System
 CA – 552 E. Carson Street, Carson: (562) 794-7125 
 LA – 1325 Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge: (225) 427-9166 
 MS – 104B W Franklin Street, Tupelo: (662) 276-1049 
 NJ – 4390 US Highway One, Princeton: (732) 693-1644 
 TX – 1315 Rockport Canyon Court, Missouri City: (917) 617-1945 

Contact Information:

Saurabh Agarwal | Founder & President |


Zoomin Groomin

Nature Friendly.

Zoomin Groomin is start-to-finish dog grooming.  This means that your Zoomin pet groomer is with your dog from beginning to end – through the entire process.  NO CAGES are involved and our dog grooming process is a quick, ECO-friendly way to have your pet cleaned. The amount of time it takes for your dog to be groomed is when they are returned to you.  All of the pet grooming is done with personal attention so your pet is comfortable.  The Zoomin cleansing process uses organic Pure Oxygen Ultra Pet Shampoo, and we deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt, hair, and other debris, leaving a clean glossy coat. Pets feel like they are being massaged, and we remove all of the excess water, dirt, hair and other debris trapped in the pets coat. Stress free grooming for your dog.

Business Features 

The Zoomin Groomin business model contains many appealing characteristics for a franchise candidate. These include: 

Low Capital Investment. Zoomin Groomin business owners are not burdened with excessive investment costs (initial investment is ~$50,000) 

Zoomin Groomin Virtual Call Center. No missed calls, effective use of your time promoting your business. 

Limited Inventory. Preferred pricing from National Venders and Partners 

No Location Lease to Sign. Home Based business to lower operating costs. Allows franchisees to mitigate risk while beginning a new business 

Excellent Business Hours. Zoomin Groomin business owners work their own hours to meet their customer needs 

Low Labor Model. One staff person working hourly – no salary and insurance costs. 

Training and Support. Excellent training and ongoing support at the ZOOMIN GROOMIN corporate office provides comprehensive training covering business, sales and marketing strategies, recruitment for staff, and all of the administrative functions needed to operate a Zoomin Groomin Franchise 

Regional Franchisee Opportunity. As an Area Representative or /Regional Franchise Partner, you have the opportunity to operate a mobile pet grooming business that offers a quick ROI, strong cash flow and long-term capital appreciation in an industry that is recession resistant in a market that is expanding rapidly. 

Zoomin Groomin Pet Grooming Franchise
Function of the Owner and Daily Tasks The daily responsibilities are involved in marketing, customer service and understanding both owners and dog behavior. You will know nutrition, grooming and related topics, and the nuts and bolts of the pet industry.

Desired Background of Prospects and Ideal Candidate
An individual who loves pet and has interest in a Pet related business. Candidates should want to work for themselves in their own business and have a desire to market their services. They should become more involved in the community to enhance the brand recognition. Zoomin Groomin is a fast-paced, exciting business concept with cutting-edge programs comprising unique, proprietary rinse systems to carry out efficient and timely services to their customers. Zoomin Groomin offers quality training in their methods to people of all adult groups, genders, and skill levels. There is not a requirement to be a professional Groomer.

● Motivated, goal-oriented individuals
● Desire to succeed and make a difference in their community
● Management background a plus
● Marketing and Service experience a plus
● Interested in Single or Multi-Unit Opportunities

Competitive Advantages

● Low Cost Start-up
● State-of- the- Art Advertising & Marketing Programs
● Can be semi-absentee (keep their job)
● Low Overhead
● Mitigated Risk
● Encouraging High referrals from their customer base
● High Repeat business
● Strong Validation
● Awarding training programs
● World class franchise support
● Third party financing
● Multiple revenue sources
● Private label product line
● Public relations support
● Customer Lead generation program
● Outline of community service programs
● Centralized appointment, call center and financial accounting services

 FL – 8410 Cherry Branch Drive, Ruskin: 321-652-2275 
 MA – 21 Aspen Road, Sharon: 781-792-1888 
 MA – 37 Samoset Ave., Hull: 781-783-4989 


Sunrise Premiums

Sunrise Premiums

A trendsetter in the Travel Incentives industry since 1997, Steven Kessler launched Sunrise Premiums because he holds the recipe to growing your business. By partnering with top-notch airlines, hotels and travel businesses worldwide, Sunrise Premiums developed unparalleled results-oriented travel incentive packages for pennies on the dollar.  A true powerful way to separate from competition and to retain existing clients. Hotel, cruise and resort travel vouchers are all fulfilled directly by Sunrise Premiums.

– Special events
– Closing tools
– Referral programs
– Prize giveaways
– Private sales
– Loyalty programs

Doing business with Sunrise Premiums puts a team of experts in your corner & the key to your
business success at your fingertips. Provide your clients and employees with a high-perceived value travel voucher from Sunrise Premiums, “You’ll be glad you did”

Steve Kessler


Service Master Clean



A clean and healthy environment is essential for all offices, regardless of the industry so connect the facility experts at ServiceMaster Clean.   Backed with over 65 years of experience, our franchisee model has over 1000 US based locations that train on national healthcare industry standards including our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system to help protect your customers, employees, and your brand.  


For project or recurring services for 1, 2 or hundreds of locations, ServiceMaster provides a cleaning schedule that matches your business’s budget and needs.  We’ve learned a lot about our client needs and how we can deliver, so discover why so many companies for so many years choose ServiceMaster Clean. 

Rory Pepino Reeve



The Inspection Boys Join the Loyalty Brands Family

Buying or selling a home can be very stressful and in some cases full of surprises.  One monumental Criteria is completing a home inspection.  The Inspection Boys have been created to educate home buyers about their potential future home and deliver a comprehensive inspection report. To grow their franchise opportunity faster, the Inspection Boys are partnering with Loyalty Brands. With Loyalty Brands experience behind them and The Inspection Boys home inspection knowledge it presented a perfect duo to become the top home inspection company. Founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur John Hewitt, Loyalty Brands is a consortium of franchise brands with synergistic similarities that can work together to create a portfolio of franchise concepts they can work together or separately to give future franchises the ability to expand their offerings or focus on one specific industry. 

Founded in 2017 The Inspection Boys is an experienced and affordable home inspection company that has protected both home buyers and sellers.  A home inspection by the Inspection Boys is not simply performed to report deficiencies, damage, and defects. A buyer needs quality information to make a good decision.  They advocate to help people understand the fiscal and physical impact of any damage and defects they discover. 

According to John Hewitt, CEO and Founder of Loyalty Brands, “It felt right when we met this team, Matthew Rivera, Robert Aglialoro and Brigitte Malik, I just knew they would fit into the culture of Loyalty Brands.  We look for expertise, integrity and most of all people understand and help us create a world class organization.

The Inspection Boys are a franchise organization currently supporting 7 franchisees but looking to grow fast.

Loyalty Brands is a team of people who have worked together for many years with several different brands, two of which are some of the largest retail operations in the United States, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax.  Franchise sales and growth is their expertise, and they plan on bringing their successes to the Inspection Boys.  

About the Inspection Boys

The Inspection Boys have developed a system that make life easy for franchisees.  Everyone can do home inspections, but a successful home inspection business is much more than that.  It is all about the connections and relationships you will develop with homeowners, and real estate agents, that separates a successful and profitable business from a “pushing-through” kind of a company. To learn more about the Inspection Boys please visit:

About Loyalty Brands

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Loyalty Brands is an umbrella franchise company founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur John Hewitt.  The Loyalty Brands consist of business brokerage, small business accounting, tax preparation and added services, networking, and bartering.  The company maintains a community first outlook, meaning that involvement in local communities and giving back is a core value. The multi-brand concept involves businesses that are synergistic and compatible, so potential franchisees could possibly own one or more of the brands for additional customer acquisition and co-marketing opportunities. To learn more about Loyalty Brands, please visit


The Inspection Boys

Vision Statement

We, at The Inspection Boys, aim to be the flag bearer of the home inspection industry offering the largest network of franchisees by 2030. We are driven by simply offering the best service while setting the standard for other home inspection companies to emulate. As premier providers of leading edge inspection services, we are committed to delivering honest, quick, and authentic reports to all of our customers. We recognize that customers satisfaction is driven by impeccable attention to detail.

Mission Statement

While upholding the highest standards and values in the industry, our mission is to provide an honest, impartial, and objective evaluation of every property we inspect. The Inspection Boys sets the industry benchmark by exceeding customer expectations.




Empowering our Team

Visionary mindset

Positive attitudes

Exceeding Customer Expectations



Referral Program Details

Referral Program Coming Soon!

Competitive Advantages

– Low Initial Investment

– Low Overhead / Limited Inventory

– Highly Expandable and scalable

– No office location needed

– Start Up Marketing / Tools Included in Franchise Fee

– Multiple revenue streams

– Most Homes sold obtain Home Inspections

 MO – Kansas City: 816-805-3207 
 NY – Setauket: 631-371-7840 
 NY – Melville: 516-383-5675 
 NY – Farmingville: 631-372-3202 
 NY – Lindenhurst: 516-591-3262 
 OH – Cleveland: 216-375-5534 
 SC – Charleston: 704-840-4135 


At Home Eldercare

At Home Eldercare provides on one-on-one, in home, non-medical care to individuals in their homes anywhere from four hours a day to 24 hours seven days a week. We do this with the best caregivers in the world!

If you or a loved one requires some additional assistance remaining independent at home, there is no better solution than At Home Eldercare.

The Senior Care market is a rapidly expanding industry that continues to be competitive. We differentiate ourselves every day with the quality of our senior care services, how we speak and how we present ourselves. Our goal is never to compromise the quality of care and services provided to the client. Customer service is an integral part of the At Home Eldercare business model, and an area that needs constant attention. Our clients should see smiles, attitudes of enthusiasm, and caregivers who take pride in their work.

Referral Program Details
  • Home Care Clients – Receive $250 for new home care customer referrals who sign up with At Home Eldercare!
  • Franchise Unit – Receive $3,000 for new referrals that pay in full or $1,500 for new referrals who finance a franchise territory!!
  • Area Representative – Receive $7,500 for new referrals who become Area Representatives!!
Competitive Advantages
  • Franchisees can take advantage of discounted and well-vetted industry services, including scheduling software, personnel background checking, liability insurance and others. Franchisees receive ongoing education on emerging industry trends at periodic meetings and can call upon the experience and learning of not only the At Home Eldercare’s professional staff, but also their fellow Franchisees.
  • All Franchisees take part in At Home Eldercare’s comprehensive initial training program to learn the basics of the business and to begin forging relationships with At Home Eldercare professional staff and other Franchisees. Most are up and running within a month or so of the training.
MI – Mt. Celemens: 313-727-5957 
NC – Winston-Salem: 336-582-9156 
NC – Raleigh: 919-263-0989 


What To Know

Tax Refund Interest Payments

IF YOU RECEIVED A refund check from the IRS for filing your 2019 federal income tax returns, and you also received a stimulus check earlier this year, you may soon be three for three.

Why Haven’t I Received a Stimulus Check?

That is, you may soon get the interest you are owed for receiving your federal tax refund later than usual. So if your interest on this interest is piqued, here are some answers to questions about when and how this money may arrive.

I might get a check for the interest owed to me for my tax refund? Why is this happening?

It’s related to the pandemic. You may get a tax refund interest payment check if your refund check came to you after April 15, which may well be the case. As you are probably well aware, the normal April 15 tax deadline was extended to July 15 due to the pandemic and its lockdowns.

What’s the worst that can happen if I forget to report a small direct deposit from the IRS?

Rafael Alvarez, CEO of ATAX, a national tax preparation and business services franchise says that if the IRS discovers that you didn’t report your IRS refund interest money and recalculates your taxes, if the money you made that year increases, as unlikely as it sounds, you could wind up in a higher tax bracket. And then suddenly you owe more taxes than you thought you did, and you receive a letter from the IRS, asking you to pay up.

Alvarez is one of those better-be-safe-than-sorry people. “I prefer to report everything rather than leave it out,” he says.

What do I need to know about reporting my IRS refund interest money on my federal taxes?

In January, you’ll receive Form 1099-INT from the IRS, assuming your interest is at least $10. File that form when you submit your federal taxes. If your direct deposit or check for your interest is less than $10 (and you don’t receive a Form 1099-INT), write a note or put a reminder on your phone to let you know that you need to report this money.