My Final Thoughts

The My Final Thoughts Process


My Final Thoughts was developed to fill a pressing need facing over 95% of American families. 10 questions all with specific information to help develop an easy to use final event process for loved ones. It also has a legacy component for an individual to leave behind their most precious thoughts which live forever.

Our simple process provides exceptional emotional and financial value for loved ones just when they need it most. Consider all the planning time that goes into a Wedding, Anniversary, even a surprise birthday party. Each of these have 30 day to one year or more planning involved. Yet, at the death of a loved one there is approximately 72 hours to plan for funeral of that loved one.

Through a simple questionnaire we  document the complete plan for the last event a loved is part of. This planning process saves time, money and most importantly allows loved ones to grieve without worry and the stress of planning the funeral for their loved one.

Plan now and pay later for the benefit of locking in all financial and emotional decisions for your loved ones to follow.


10 Question Planning:

Finished Plan fully provided by My Final Thoughts (PDY electronic version)

All fulfillment completed by My Final Thoughts

Questionnaire to be completed by participating organization of My Final Thoughts depending upon agreed process.



$295 full cost

$145 to My Final Thoughts for fulfillment

$150 to the participating organization which they can discount, keep or waive totally, the decision is for the organization.

Upon our approvals we will provide the organization with the 10 questions and a fully completed sample plan. (these are subject to a full non-disclosure agreement) Our completed agreement would serve as such.



My Final Thoughts provides all materials and content, and complete fulfillment of the process

Legacy Brands provides the referral network and full compliance expectations with their network and My Final Thoughts.


Contact Information:

Karl Schilling  My Final Thoughts, LLC

Managing Partner


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