MyDoctorPlan / AutoClub

Two Excellent Programs to Sell
Loyalty Brands Employees and Franchisees will also have access to these programs. Both Franchises offer a network of bi-lingual representatives and doctors.

We are ready to help. We offer 24/7 access to certified doctors via phone or video consultation.

MyDoctorPlan (Retail $149.99/yr or $14.99/mos.)

Sales Commision to Franchisee: $74.99/yr Subscription Sale or $7.49/mos Subscription Sale


-Members have 24 hours/ 365 days on demand medical access

-Members have $0 Consultation Fee

-Members have Coverage of entire household, two years and older

-14 Day Money Back Guarantee

-15-60% Off Retail Price of Generic Drug Prices

-10-25% Off Retail Price of Brand Name Drugs

-68,000 participating Pharmacies

-Conditions Treated Include but not Limited To: Allergies, Bronchitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Ear infections, Fever, Sore throat, Joint Aches and Pains, Skin Inflammation, and many more!

-Members can speak to a licensed physician via web, video chat or by phone

-Avoid waiting in line at the doctor’s offi­ce and enjoy the convenience of seeing doctors on demand

-Average wait time of less than 5 minutes


Selling Topics:

-Americans spend over $3 Trillion in Healthcare Expenses

-Designed to eliminate unnecessary Doctor’s Office Visits

-Save Time and Money by catering to the ENTIRE FAMILY for $14.99/mos

-STOP the spread of viruses w/in a Doctor’s Office

-Not intended to be or replace a Health Insurance Plan

-Not the same as TeleHealth


Contact Information:

Primary Contact: Amanda Easterwood:

Additional Contact: Spencer Slade:


Link to Website for Retail Registration:

Link to Website for Employee Rate:



Roadside Assistance. 

Auto Club (Retail $69.99/yr)


-Sales Commission to Franchisee: 70% or $48.99

-Auto Club is a Reimbursement Program

-Member’s Choice of Road Service

-$85 Reimbursement for Towing (3 Tows per year)

-$85 Vehicle Lockout

-$15 Flat Tire or Batter Charge

-Additional Reimbursements include Wrecker Service, Service Call by Garage or Mechanic

-Stolen Car Reward: up to $2500 Reward to the person responding to Law Enforcement Officials that lead to a direct arrest

-$150 Traffic Court Defense

Additional Discounts:

Prescription Drugs, Emergency Travel, Travel, Rental Car, and many more!


Contact Information:

Primary Contact: Lisa Poe:

Additional Contact: Spencer Slade:


Link to Website for Retail Registration:

Link to Website for Employee Rate:





Important to Remember: Auto Club is NOT a CALL CENTER. Auto Club Member uses Roadside Service of their choice.

-Sales Commission only applicable if Franchisee is selling program to end consumer

-Loyalty Brands Employees and Franchisees Pay Retail Price if they choose to Register and Use the Program





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